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default for the first time in history. that is not going to happen. we now have, i think, a level of seriousness with the right people at the table that we needed and thought we had as the speaker indicated last weekend. we're going to get a result. >> reporter: you guys have both proven that you cannot do this on our own, that's going to take a bipartisan vote, how are you guys planning to work together with three days left to get something done? >> we have worked over the past three years to try to avoid this. senator mcconnell and i had a solid agreement last sunday. it was the president who derailed that agreement. and it's time for the president to tell us what he's for. it's time for the president to outline how we get out of this cul-de-sac that he's driven us into.
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>> could i just add? could i just add? i think we all know that if the president decides to reach an agreement with us, the democrats most of them will fall in line. he is the leader of the democratic party, he is the president of the united states. he needs to indicate what he will sign and we are in those discussions now. >> reporter: something by monday, is that a firm deadline including the markets? >> i'm not going to put it to any deadlines, but it should be clear to you that senator mcconnell and i believe we're going to be able to come to some agreement to end this crisis as soon as possible. thanks. >> okay, both mitch mcconnell and john boehner there underscoring that they believe this crisis will end, however, neither would be specific about how they believe it will come to
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an end, instead putting it on the president saying, john boehner saying tell us what he's for. he needs to, meaning the president, needs to get us out of the cul-de-sac that he has driven us into. kate bolduan is on capitol hill. kate, this is very interesting because both mish mcconnell and john boehner saying it really is up to the president to get us back on track with this. even though it's both houses of congress who have yet to agree on one solid plan. what's going on here? >> i'm having a little bit feedback, i'm sorry, i'm going to pull this out of my ear. but an interesting point that we heard just now from the republican leader of the senate mitch mcconnell, in the past hour, he said, that he has spoken with the vice president and the president and saying now they're fully engaged in negotiations. that's more of an affirmative statement that these discussions are underway that we have heard
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throughout the day. and that's what reporters have been asking, is when is the negotiation going to be start? we have seen on capitol hill the following, we have now seen house speaker john boehner's bill rejected by the senate, that was yesterday. then we have senate majority leader harry reid's bill, that was just rejected by the house earlier today. and while we're also seeing kind of a lot of heated rhetoric and a lot of heated commentary on both the floor of the house and senate, the focus is really off of the floor, kind of these back channel negotiations that really need to start if they're going to reach a compromise before the deadline as it is quickly approaching. but the question continues to remain, fredericka and it's the same question that we're all asking and will need to be answered soon is how do they thread the needle here, some kind of middle of the road, some kind of tweak to reid's bill or a tweak to boehner's bill that will be powerful enough to get
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enough republicans on board in the chamber to pass through congress and get it on the president's desk. that question remains open, it remains unanswered. but right now we're hearing that conversations are happening and one nithing that i took away fr the press conference and from a senators we have talked to off of the floor, is there a level of assurance that they are very dedicated to avoiding the problem of what will happen come august 2. that seems to be one assurance, but the fact of the matter is we're ticking, ticking, ticking up against that deadline and they have not reached the compromise that is sot critical. >> mitch mcconnell, underscoring there, saying the country will not default. while both have said, boehner and mitchell, they're unclear about what kind of plan will go forward, both are trying to sound very confident that this nation will meet the deadline.
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so it really does sound like two different messages, how can they be so sure if they're very unclear right now what would be passed. >> that's a good question and i can assure you they're saying less in the public than what's being said in those negotiations. in the meantime, they are watching the markets as much as the american people are watching the markets. they do not want to see further problems in the markets come monday and that is one thing that i can assure you is adding to the pressure of them reaching an agreement. but while we continue to say they're very serious and very dedicated to beating this deadline, reaching some sort of agreement to raise the debt ceiling and reduce the deficits in some manner, it still seems that both sides are waiting for the other to brink and i'm hopeful that we'll see some kind of movement towards a compromise today, but it is a fluid situation and we're tracking it by the minute, really. >> kate bolduan, thanks so much.
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let's go to the white house where we find brianna keeler and we also understand, brianna, both nancy pelosi and harry reid, maybe they're at the who is by now, they were called to go to the white house shortly after making appearances on capitol hill. are they there yet? and if so, what kind of discussions are taking place. >> reporter: we don't know fredericka if they're here yet, but according to a white house official, this was supposed to begin at 3:30 p.m., we're not always privy to seeing them come and go, we just find out if they're coming and it was senator reid who said he was comi coming over here to the white house, why? he said i know this may seem very obvious but to give the president an update involving these debt negotiations. also this is going to be what we call closed press. that means that our travel pool cameras will not be allowed inside so we're not even going to be able to see a picture of
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this. but you heard kate mention those back channel negotiations, it seems very important to coming to an agreement here. vice president biden has been very involved and senator majority leader mitch mcconnell said that he had spoken in the last hour both with the president and with the vice president. so these back channel negotiations are going on in ernest, they're going on very much in secret, but these are seen between the white house and certainly the senate, because you hear the white house really pointing to the senate as a place to come to a deal here, we know that president obama has not been talking a lot recently with speaker boehner, we know that this is seen as key to coming to an agreement ahead of that august 2 deadline. >> because it's very interesting because, you know, house speaker boehner underscored, quoting him now saying it's up to the president to decide on an agreement. >> reporter: yeah, and actually that was something that was really interesting to me because there is now a debate that
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you're hearing going on. poll numbers have shown that americans are kind of disgusted by how all of this is going down, how this is being pushed down to the wire, how chaotic things seem in washington and we know that congress definitely does push things to the wire, this is sort of a negotiating position where democrats and republicans try to get as much as they can, but in this case, going toward the possibility of a default, this is very serious. so you're hearing both sides kind of battle for this message, fredericka, of who's at fault here for how this is all going down and becoming so chaotic. i took a note where it said the speaker, he said that he had an agreement with mr. mcconnell, the senate minority leader and mr. reid, the senate majority leader and that was a solid agreement and it was the president really who put the kabosh on that last sunday, if you listen, though, to democrats in the white house and we have heard them address this before,
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fredericka, they said there was no agreement, they would take issue with that statement saying it is not factual, and the reason they would say that is because the idea that was sort of, i guess, i don't want to say presented because you had republicans saying it had been presented to the president, but it was sort of the concept that house republicans wanted which ultimately was the boehner plan t white house and senate democrats say they were in lock step in opposition, because it raised the debt ceiling until somewhere around the new year, in their opinion that would lead to them having this same discussion around the new year and they didn't want to deal with that. a programming note, republican senator mishtch mcconnell will be on "the state of the union" at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. and our wolf blitzer and don lemon will break down all the hurdles and options in the
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special "get it done: countdown to debt crisis." at this hour, margaret cho, you know her for her comedy and being a gay rights activist. >> in my world, everything is gay, everything is we're, and so to move outside of that, is sort of a strange experience. >> all right, today she's talking about her very open marriage, our face to face interview later in the cnn newsroom. every day, all around the world, energy is being produced to power our lives.
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patients may experience loss of appetite or weight. patients who weigh less than 110 pounds may experience more side effects. people at risk for stomach ulcers who take certain other medicines should talk to their doctor because serious stomach problems such as bleeding may worsen. people with certain heart conditions may experience slow heart rate. [ woman ] whenever i needed her, she was there for me. now i'm here for her. [ female announcer ] ask the doctor about your loved one trying the exelon patch. visit to learn more. all right taking a look at international headlines now, a low key royal wedding tops our look at international stories. queen elizabeth's granddaughter
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zara phillips married rugby player mike tindle. the bride wore an ivory silk gown, one of the queen's favorite designers. and a 10-hour interrogation of the norway terror suspect reveals he planned to attack other targets. investigators aren't saying what the other targets were. and in italy, dna evidence came under scrutiny today at the appeal trial of amanda knox, she's the one on trial for the murder of her british roommate. two key pieces of evidence used to convict her should not have been admitted. and rain-starved texas has one bumper crop it does not want. it's an invasion, and it's being fueled by one of the worst droughts in texas history. an invasion of grass hoppers there. when it comes to hot
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weather, what is the most common symptom of heat injury? is it thirst? increased pictures picture ration or muscle soreness. right after this. on the line. and when they rely on a battery, there are firefighters everywhere who trust duracell. and now you can join with duracell to help. just buy specially-marked packs & duracell will make a battery donation to local volunteers. these days don't we all need someone to trust...? duracell. trusted everywhere.
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all right, but before the break, when it comes to hot weather what is the most common symptom of heat injury? is it thirst, headache, picture picture ration, or headaches. anyone outdoors in the summer heat who develops a headache should take immediate steps to get to a shady cooler environment and replenish lost fluids. the state of texas is used
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to long, dry, hot spells, but the drought that is gripping the state right now goes well beyond bad. this map shows almost every square inch of texas colored in the deepest shade of burgundy, that illustrates the worst drought possible. and just how extreme conditions are in texas. crops are dying in the fields, ponds and streams, and lakes are simply drying up. water in very short supply, but there is one bumper crop. see those little things jumping around right there? grasshoppers, texas farmers have repeatedly sprayed but the pests simply keep coming back. >> about 10 days ago we sprayed and probably the grass hoppers that are here now have hatched out since then. >> and take a look at those cracks right there, evidence of
1:17 pm
homes shifting from their foundations because of this extremely temperatures and the soil there, in some cases foundations have sunk or shifted more than five inches and repairs, by the way, you might have guessed very expensive. jacqui jeras in the weather center now. i have never seen that before, a house would shift because of dryness, i know definitely because of moisture, a house can shift. that's extraordinary. >> it's the same type of effect only opposite. the ground moves, i have seen pictures from our i-reporters and things just of cracks that go all the way through their lawn because the ground is shifting because things have become so dry. and we were hoping to get a little bit of relief, a lint of rain in here for what was tropical depression don, it's basically not existent, it's hard to even find it on the satellite picture as it moves through the rio valley here.
1:18 pm
it did bring some rainfall, but not nearly as much as we were hoping. this map will show you the rainfall totals in the last 24 hours, about a half of an inch. that's all you saw on the texas coast, so unfortunately doing nothing to help the drought situation here really, maybe just add a little bit more humidity to make thing a little bit more uncomfortable for you today. here's what the exceptional drought deficit is, we're talking more than a foot in some places, houston more than 16 inches down from where you should be since january. so this time of the year, you know, we don't get a lot of weather systems that make their way into texas and so you do look towards the tropics to get a break, and you look for tropical depression -- we're watching our next tropical wave, a high probability that this will become our next named storm, if so, it's name would be tropical storm emily, all the models intensifying this a little bit and bringing it over towards the caribbean, still way
1:19 pm
too soon to say whether or not this will affect the u.s., if so we're talking about a week away. there you can see, four names already used up on that list, as i mentioned, emily will be the next one. things hot in the tropics, dallas, you're back in on the heat advisories and we were wondering if we were going to break that streak of 28 or more days, the clouds are keeping the temperatures down a little bit this morning, we're up to 97. we'll probably get to 100 again today. >> of course, it seems like it's never ending. jacqui, i know you like ponies, horses? going viral with an interesting annual pony swim. yeah, in virginia, don't you love to see this? more than 150 ponies hit the water for the 86 annual pony
1:20 pm
swim. the 36th annual. >> i love it. so this cowboy kind of herds these ponies into the -- from one island to another in virginia. you have seen this every year, right? >> i don't think i have seen this before, are these wild horses? >> yeah, i know this happens every year, they're going to be sold at automatction to benefit fire department. look, people come out in droves to see it every year. >> yeah, cool stuff. that's gone viral. >> per usual. >> anything with animals, that's what it does. >> dogs, horses, turtles. kittens, you name it. and then you got to see this video from iowa where a welder builds perhaps the world's largest bike. there's more. this is from lewis, iowa, welder
1:21 pm
diane, oh, boy, werick, trying to break the record for the world's largest bike. >> this is going to be at the iowa state fair. >> 32 feet long, 18 feet high. the bike is helping to pay for a student field trip as people pay money to pose with the bike. >> i think there's a big bike ride across iowa where they start at the missouri river and they end up at the mississippi river, i bet that's part of this. >> that's good stuff, people enjoying themselves outside whether it's hot or not. thanks, jacqui. guess what? the murphs, they're back, and on the big screen. these little guys are looking to make a whole lot of green.
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cowboys, aliens and some little blue cartoon characters, they're all hitting the big screen this weekend and our movie critic gray drake joins
1:24 pm
us. last week you had a little tinker bell thing, i was expecting to see a blue cowboy hat today. >> well, tinker bell has flown away to never land and my cowboy hat i left at home. >> rock star katie perry, among those finding her way into the smurf's movie. she's being a little smurfette. let's check out the gang in blue. >> this summer. [ screaming ] >> do not be fooled by their cuteness. >> now it's allowing you. >> of all the people on the planet, those magical little creatures came to us. >> no, it's not happening. >> ticklish? what are you doing? >> okay, so that was a little fun there. some other big names in there,
1:25 pm
jonathan winters, among others. okay. a katie movie you like? or should i say it's a katie movie. >> do not like the hives song they put over that fool you. if this movie had a smurf name, it would be -- i think kids are going to laugh at it. because the director also did "beverly hills chihuahua" if you're before awaiting the live action cartoon, keep waiting. >> and this was 3-d also? and it was coming at you? >> yes, smurfes coming at you. and it just made me smurfy in my head. the cartoon was never known for being highbrow, but it was
1:26 pm
charming and there was none of that in this script at all. >> something tells me your grade is going to be dreadful. >> i think kids are going to want to fistfight me but i will take every one of them on and i will smurf them all up because i gave this a grade of f. >> hopefully this "cowboys and aliens" might have done a little bit better. come on, you've got harrison ford and canal craig. so let's take a look at this epic battle between beings of different worlds. >> yeah, that's the line again, boss. >> i want that man. bring him to me now. >> i need to know where you came from. >> so do i. >> you don't remember anything?
1:27 pm
>> what the hell? maria! >> they're coming back. >> no! >> okay, you may want to bring some ear plugs because something tells me this is a loud movie. but nonetheless, it looks riveting and good and lots of suspense and all that good stuff, but you tell me what, did you think? >> i think a better title for the movie would have been "cowboys and aliens and no character development." it is hike a blending of the genre. harrison nord ford was really g. olivia wilde's eyes were very big. it's really just they didn't care who lived or died and i have a small problem with that.
1:28 pm
>> so you didn't love the characters? >> i didn't really care one way or the other. but i did see aliens explode. so it did have that going for it. you kind of go to this movie to see, you know, a lot of crazy action and explosions and also daniel craig looking preposterously good in chaps. >> of course, it's bond, james bond. >> it was just okay. >> so you gave smurf f somebody says your grade here, you said just okay. >> perfectly average so i give it a c. i think there are stronger movies, especially last week "captain america" coming out, i think this will blow that out of the water. it's fun, but -- >> c for cowboys? >> c for cowboys and c for -- i don't know what. kind of a ho hum week. >> oh, darn. okay, well, i'm glad you were
1:29 pm
honest with us. as you always are. >> as i am. better luck next week and "crazy stupid love" is in the theaters which is definitely an a-plus movie. steve correll, i love you. >> so you had a chance to peek at that one? >> yes, i did. so look up that movie and go support them. hip, hip hooray. >> good to see you. all right, seattle, you know, it's home of starbucks. the setting for "gray's anatomy." but there's much more to it, especially by water.
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all right, cnn reporters, anchors and producers cover stories around the world.
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and that means we give great tips on all the best restaurants, hotels and travel spots. chris takes to us a mexican restaurant in seattle that rents kayaks. >> one of the great things about living in this city is you don't have to go far to find amazing views of the water. whether it's puget sound or one of the many rivers and lakes dollar nearby, you've got incredible water views just about everywhere you work. this is aqua verde. the idea is you come here for a bite and go out for a paddle. it's a unique way to get a different view of the city. >> as you paddle along, you see the richness of seattle. to get from that side of seattle to this side of seattle you had to paddle.
1:32 pm
and now people are little bit more remote, they see the water from afar and they think everything's, you know, great on the water and it looks good to have it there, but they're not really experiencing being on the water. >> for $15 an hour, you can rent a kayak, the restaurant also organizes tours where you can go through lots of an oats -- right now i'm seattle's lake union, where you have amazing views of the space needle and a short paddle away from here you can go and see some of the houseboats made famous by the movie "sleepless in seattle" you get views of seattle from the water you just can't get any other way. so if you live here, or you're visiting seattle, don't miss the experience of going out on a kayak. >> all right, fun stuff. now to the not so fun stuff. the debt ceiling debate has lawmakers on edge, regular people as well, including small business owners, one man's story
1:33 pm
right after the break. if there's one thing we have all learned, the debt ceiling drama affects all of us. small business owners say an impasse should sink them.
1:34 pm
susan cannkancandiotti talked t business owner who -- >> reporter: robert ross runs the family business started by his father back in 1970. the company has had its ups and downs over the year, but rob says the current situation in washington has him more worried than ever before. >> i'm up all night watching this, in fact my wife is complaining that i'm staying up all night long and i should at least come to bed at one point. >> reporter: his business, like most small businesses runs on credit. that credit could become a lot more expensive if the federal government defaults on its own debt. plus, cametron relies on federal contracts. >> most of the sewing machines that we make are for contractors that make the uniforms, the bullet-proof vests that carry cargo around, the hydration units, anything thaig they would use in the military.
1:35 pm
>> reporter: ross recently hired a fourth employee, and there are many others who rely on his company. some of his machines are specially designed to let the handy capped work on them. ross hopes democrats and republicans can sew up a deal. >> all this goes away if i close up. what is everybody going to do? i -- so i have to keep going. and if it means taking money out of my pocket to do it, i'll do it. but there's only so much i'm going to have. >> reporter: ross says when times are tough, he's had to make difficult decisions, he says politicians should be ready to make hard decisions too. >> right now could be a major catastrophe because we have had some hard times at the banks the last few years and cash flow has been tough, so having another blow would really hurt. >> who would ross blame? everyone. >> i'm tired of all these games, it just doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: ross's business is
1:36 pm
just one example of how the debt ceiling debate could affect more than just one person. hampering an economy that has already had a bumpy road to recovery. susan candiotti, cnn, new york. >> and the summer swelter is about to hit its peak, what you need to know to be safe in this intense heat. transitions adapt to changing light so you see a whole day comfortably and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. female announcer: thanks to the eyeglass guide, it's never been easier to find the right pair of eyeglasses. check out today, brought to you by transitions. consider this: over 70% of firefighters are local volunteers... these are our neighbors putting their lives on the line. and when they rely on a battery, there are firefighters everywhere who trust duracell.
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we have been feeling it for weeks now, it is really hot outside. the extreme heat means we should also drink a lot of water and put on sunscreen. but as summer temperatures reached their peak in august, some of these basic safety measures may not be enough. that's the subject of our weekly look at how to get healthy and stay healthy. our dr. lloyd joins us from san francisco, california. you've got some new and maybe sometimes little known facts about the heat and what we need to do. aside from the case of a bad sun burn, how do high temperatures really stress out our bodies? >> well, it's great here in northern california, like most of the country, it's going to get 100 degrees today. that means the body is going to have to work extra hard to keep that temperature where it wants
1:40 pm
to be at 98.6 so it makes more picture picturation to make you feel -- it's a lot of work to keep your body cool. >> and of course it makes a lot of sense to keep small kids and older folks indoors, but who else needs to take extra precautions when it is so, so hot? >> the answer is simple, anyone who can handle a lot of hard work. so people who are overweight need to take precautions in the high temperatures. if your heart is racing, you're also going to have trouble breathing. if you' ee're as mattic, there special questions with these pills that i'm taking in this hot weather. and anybody who has had a previous heat injury, previous heat stroke or heat stress needs to be extra careful because they are the most vulnerable of having a second attack.
1:41 pm
>> we're starting to lose you on that audio, so we're going to end it there. a little reminder there, keep that water going, stay hydrated. thanks so much. okay, open marriage, well, it's how comedian margaret cho sort of described her commitment to her husband and to others. >> i think there's intimacy that is possible with everybody in the world, a type of it. >> all right, she doesn't hold back, face to face with margaret cho next. [ jelani ] neither of my parents went to college. something that was drilled in me early on, you know, college is the place for you. it's my number one goal. ♪ students like me, who take these ap math and science classes and have these opportunities, this is where the american dream lies. when i write that book,
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♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ [ male announcer ] as long as there are babies, they'll be chevy's to bring them home. ♪ [clucking] [clucking] [ding] [clucking] announcer: separate raw meats from other foods by using different cutting boards. 3,000 americans will die from food poisoning this year. keep your family safer. check your steps at
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all right, you know margaret cho for her standup comedy, her role on "drop dead diva" and her activism. she's fun and extremely honest. in our face to face interview, cho explains her personal life. >> for a long time you have been an advocate of gay rights and at the same time, you are married to a heterosexual man? >> but i'm bisexual, so i have different aspects of my life that seem contradict try but they're not because that's who i am. >> you kind of a made a funny of
1:45 pm
that, in the past on your tour, saying i'm the one that i want, saying that you're heterophobic. >> i was the ship speedian on the lesbian love boat. >> i was kind of scared. i have a lot of straight friends. it's just a funny juxtaposition because in my world, everything is gay. everything is we're and so to move outside of that is sort of a strange experience. >> how do you help people kind of understand, then, the dynamic of, you know, you being bisexual, living with a man who's heterosexual, and how you make plans going forward? >> i don't know -- >> is it like an open marriage? meaning like you see other people? >> yeah, yeah. >> does he? >> but we don't really live together either, so. >> so now i'm confused.
1:46 pm
>> it's not a -- i guess committed relationship. >> it is committed, i mean we're married, and we're married forever and that's something that i'm so grateful for and so happy for, but i also know that i cannot be monogamous, i'm just slutty. and i understand that about myself and i'm fine with it and he's fine with it. and that has no affect on my commitment to him. i think sexual monogamy is really a lie that people say that they're going to do it and they only do it for like five years or six years, most marriages last for about that long and i have been with my husband for 11 years, we have been married for 8. i feel like my way works for me. but, you know, other people don't necessarily understand or want to get their minds around it. well, they're like aren't you jealous? and i'm like, no. and i'm not, and he's not of me. >> you kind of know how you can
1:47 pm
trust one another? >> yeah. >> i has nothing to do with relationship or commitment to one another. >> right. >> because it's okay to have a commitment with others too? >> yeah. >> but there are other areas. >> other kinds of commitments. like you could have other different kinds of friends, there's different kinds of relationships that you can have, i think. i think there's intimacy that isn't possible with everybody in the world, a type of it. but for me and him, it's very -- it's very deep and very eternal so it sort of doesn't matter that this sort of smaller relationship you have in between. >> can i ask you more about this? >> yes. >> so say, for instance, you all are in the same city? one of you has decided to make a date with somebody else, do you talk about that first? i'm not going to able to go to the show with you because i'm now going to hang out with somebody -- >> of course. if you make a plan, you tell your friend or whatever, you
1:48 pm
know, like then, you know, to me, it's sort of -- i don't know, it's a very easy thing, it's very normal. >> a very normal thing? >> all right, i'll continue my exclusive conversation with margaret cho tomorrow here in the newsroom. she talks about pushing the limits of her comedy routine and how comedians in general push the limits, she'll talk about her keys to success and her latest project. >> it's very beetlesesque so it's called the yellow album. >> al lena cho and her parents actually lent their voices to margaret cho's new album. it is the movie, millions of people around the world have been waiting for partly to see who exactly made the cut, life and a day opens this weekend, bringing together unique youtube videos to show one day on earth.
1:49 pm
who better to tell us about this than our own josh levs, who's been covering this project from the very beginning, you got us hip to it a year ago, when it was first just a colonel of an idea. >> i got to tell you, it's the most amazing time capsule in the history of humanity, and from that perspective, it's pretty astounding. take a look at the trailer. >> i love my family. >> oh, my gosh! >> i'll tell you a little more about it while we watch this. what happened, folks, if you don't know, all over the world people shot video of their lives, on the same day, it was a year ago, it was july 24, 2010. the people behind this project made cameras available to people in areas where that technology is not ready available.
1:50 pm
they then got all these submissions, looked at them and ultimately streamed a movie. check out how many people sent in videos wanting to be a part of this. 81,000 submissions, totaling 4,500 hours of video. so, fred, they spent months going through all this. and check out the final result. the final film includes parts of 350 submissions. there's hollywood power players behind this. it was produced by ridley scott, it was directedly kevin mcdonald. it was his brain child. and it's not just a movie. let me show you this interactive behind me at the website. you can click from videos that were filmed all over the world on that day. and you can go to the map of the world and see what people up to. you can pick some spot in the world and see what people were up to that day. it's a very powerful time
1:51 pm
capsule. >> so what has the reaction been out there? people who have seen it? what do the reviewers think? >> our own review called it a resounding success. is "washington post" called it a positive achievement. a "new york times" reviewer didn't like it. he said it was hard to sit through. there's a couple of shots that are disturbing for some people, but that's very rare, very few between. i have linked for you the information on the movie and the reviews and our article about it. josh levs@cnn and twitter. i would love to know what our viewers think. >> thank you for bringing that to us. and we'll be right back with more of the newsroom after this.
1:52 pm
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more of the newsroom coming up with don lemon. >> how long have we been having this debt conversation? we're going to be following up on that. but i'm going to tell you, i'm
1:55 pm
going to be talking to rand paul. i think it's important to talk to rand paul because of what they're saying about the tea party holding us. he says he's looking for more than just a short-term plan and he cares more about the country than a deal. i'm going to ask him about his own balanced budget amendment. also urban league president mark mur yal in the middle of the showdown over raising the debt ceiling. a sobering new picture has emerged of wealth in america and it's not pretty. the divide between whites and african-americans is growing. i don't know what, does comedy central have it in for me? i'm being a little bit facetious. and stephen colbert is mad at me. did you know he interrupted one of my broadcasts? >> we're going to have much more on the flooding coming up -- >> excuse me. excuse me. >> stephen kolber, what are you
1:56 pm
doing here? >> i have a question to ask you. >> i am in the middle of a broadcast. >> who isn't? hold on sanjay. did you or did you not interview a man who was foreclosed on by a ban income. >> yes. >> did you not know that he was a vampire? >> you get out of here. >> he was really mad at me. he called me up personally. he called me up one day and someone said, someone from the stephen colbert show is going to call you around 3:00. and it was like 4:00 or 5:00. and i answered the phone, i said you people at ""the colbert report" have a very strange sense of time. he said this is stephen. and i said all right. >> but he's really mad at me. >> i didn't get the impression that that was mad. >> and jon stewart had a few choice words to say about me to, too. >> he did not know you.
1:57 pm
they had a good sense of humor. at least it appears. and you did too. >> more of don lemon uninterrupted in just a few minutes from now, more of the newsroom. >> see ya. more energy for 18 holes with your buddies. more passion for the one ya love. more fun with your family and friends. it could be a treatable condition called low testosterone or low t. come on, stop living in the shadows. you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. talk to your doctor and go to to find out more.
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